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Soother Plus Cream 1oz

Soother Plus Cream 1oz

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This effective pain reliever and healing aid, with the addition of a nontoxic antimicrobial, can be used in conjunction with any Harrison's formulation and can be used topically on all birds of any age under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

BENEFITS Provides the benefits of Soother ointment with the addition of a nontoxic alternative to antibiotics for management of skin infections Delivers antiviral, antibacterial and anti-yeast properties to superficial lesions

INGREDIENTS: Pure aloe vera juice and micro- encapsulated 2.5% NH4 solution for analgesia.

DIRECTIONS: Apply topically with cotton-tipped applicator and massage into affected area. Use as recommended by the veterinarian. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs. The bird may need several treatments per day to manage pain.

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