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Islandwood Large Multi Perch

Islandwood Large Multi Perch

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Appropriate for the following birds:

Islandwood perches are carved from smooth, attractive Java wood. These particular perches have multiple branches, which make them perfect for use in a cage as they will allow your bird to utilize the most cage space. If you are familiar with Manzanita perches, you will have some idea of what Java wood is like. In both hardness and (smooth) texture, the two are very similar. Because trees do not always naturally grow in these shapes, some Islandwood perches may have branches that have been added on to an existing cluster with a combination of sawdust and bird-safe, furniture-quality glue that has been sanded down for a smooth, even finish. The combination of sawdust and glue can be seen if you look closely. However, someone that is not actively looking for these areas may not even notice them.

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