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Cage Covers

Cage CoversCage covers are useful for a variety of reasons. These are the top two:

Parrots require between 10-12 hours of sleep per night. That does not include nap time during the day. This means that your parrot should be sleeping from sunset to sunrise. If your bird lives in a room where you keep a TV, or if your bird is in an area that gets a lot of traffic, then we highly recommend that you cover your bird. Movement is more distracting than noise, so if the bird is covered, it can relax and sleep. If your bird is in a dark, quiet room, a cover is not essential, but can still be used.

A second reason to have a cover is to use it for a "time out." That is, if your bird is misbehaving (screaming, for example) then you can condition him to stop screaming by covering the cage. However, do keep in mind that this merely addresses the "symptom" and not the root problem. Birds only scream if there is a reason to scream, and it is the bird owner's responsibility to discover what that reason is. If you can figure out the REAL reason behind the screaming, you will be much more effective in stopping it.

17"x22" Cage Cover
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32"x23" Dometop Cage Cover
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