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Stainless Steel Bird Cages

Stainless Steel Bird Cages

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Information about Type 304 Stainless Steel Used for Featherland Bird Homes

INTRODUCTION: Type 304 is commonly used for chemical processing equipment, for food, dairy, and beverage industries.
You can rest assured the stainless steel type and finish selected for Featherland stainless steel bird cages is the best available for the intended use.

One huge feature Featherland Stainless Steel bird cages offer is Electropolishing. This process makes the Featherland Stainless Steel Bird Cages much easier to clean than all other Stainless Steel parrot cages on the market; in fact, when the optional exterior feeders are used, it is the easiest cage to clean on the market.

Simply put, these are the safest, least expensive, best value stainless steel bird cages on the market. Period.

Components of Featherland Stainless Steel: Type 304: Chromium -18-20%, Nickel 8-10.5%, Carbon 0.08%, Manganese 2%, Silicon 1%, Manganese

For information on Caring for your cage follow the link

24"x36" Folding Stainless Steel Bird Cage
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