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Designed specifically for Featherland Stainless Steel cages - Reduce cleaning time, reduce mess on the floor, get rid of your cage skirt when you use these awesome exterior feeders! Fits Featherland Bird cages 24"x36", 28"x42", and 32"x48"

Exterior Feeder-Large- Featherland Bird Cages
Exterior Feeder-Large- Featherland Bird Cages

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This large feeder fits Featherland 24x36, 28x42, and 32x40 cages, as well as Bella BirdCo sizes 28x20 and 34x22. After removing the standard feeder, simply slide this stainless steel body into the 4 holes on the cage body. Place durable molded see-through cover on, insert ceramic crock, and you are ready! Birds now have a very difficult time throwing their food, and food they pick at falls back into the dish, not onto your floor.

It's fun to be able to watch your bird, you save money because less food is wasted, and you save time because there is less mess on your floor - a win-win-win. And with these feeders, a skirt in not necessary, saving you space as well. Buy one, or two, or three now!

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