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Square Tower Large

Square Tower Large

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Appropriate for the following birds:

When you were a kid, did you ever take your straw wrappers or the scraps from torn-out notebook pages and fold them back and forth, back and forth - repeatedly, forming a kind of paper catepillar? Come on ... we all got bored during school once in a while, right? This toy puts the infamous boredom-buster to use: lots of paper "caterpillars" all woven together to form one fun little tower of paper! It's layer after layer of natural, colorful palm strands and it makes a nice CRUNCH when birds rip into it that they just love to hear! Undoing one section will not dismantle the others. In fact, the more your bird tries to pull them apart, the more entangled they will become! This should prove to be one of the longer-lasting pinata toys; an excellent choice for all small birds. Also available in Medium and Large.


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