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Sweet Harvest Vitamin Enriched Finch 4lb

Sweet Harvest Vitamin Enriched Finch 4lb

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Appropriate for the following birds:

Best quality, clean and nutritious bird food for your African Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Mini-Macaw or Goffin Cockatoo (or any medium sized parrot). Rainforest Exotics, a Kaylor of Colorado product, uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients from around the world. Due to our strict Quality Assurance Program, any ingredient coming into the plant is thoroughly inspected for cleanliness and freshness. Moreover, Kaylor of Colorado uses Nitrogen Flushing for all bird foods!! Nitrogen flushing will not allow bugs to hatch and in turn means no more buggy product. Packed with 27 delicious ingredients your bird will love in addition to important vitamins and minerals for your bird!

Ingredients: golden german millet, red proso millet, canary seed, white proso millet, oat groats, rape seed, flax seed, spinach, nyger thistle, vitamin powder, safflower oil. (see label for complete listing of ingredients)

MADE TO ORDER -- all products freshly made to order and are NOT pre-packaged!!
Packaged in a nitrogen flushed bag - NO BUGS!
Air washing leaves our mixes virtually free of all dust and chaff.
Scientifically formulated Vitamins & Minerals are literally bonded to the entire blend through a unique Kaylor of Colorado bonding process.

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