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Tidy Seed 'No Mess' Bird Feeder Large

Tidy Seed 'No Mess' Bird Feeder Large
Tidy Seed 'No Mess' Bird Feeder Large

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Appropriate for the following birds:

The Large Tidy Seed No-Mess Bird Feeder

is great for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Alexanders, Cockatoos and similar-size birds.

NO MESS - GUARANTEED! This feeder does away with scattered seeds and hulls. Some feeders have claimed "no scatter" - this one actually works. You bird enters and eats, leaving hulls and uneaten seed behind in the trough-like compartment below!

Crystal-clear acrylic box feeder keeps hulls contained, eliminating seed scatter.

Reduce costs due to wasted bird seeds AND ease daily clean up.

Hang inside or outside the cage for a cozy dining spot with a great view.

Holds about 2 cups seed, measures 8" x 8" x 8" and features a 3/4" diameter perch. Hooks are 3-1/2" apart.

Hand wash.

Cleaning your Tidy Seed Feeder

We do not recommend dishwashing this feeder due to extreme dishwasher heat. To wash, remove feeder from cage, empty out contents, and wash thoroughly in warm soapy water. Use a small soft-bristle brush, if necessary, to remove dried-on messes. Rinse thoroughly in clean water and dry completely before placing back in the cage.

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